Why 99% of independent artist fail.

Why 99% of independent artist fail.

There are 3 main reasons why 99% of Indy artist fail. The music industry has become a dysfunctional free for all. With all this dysfunction there is also opportunity. It is now easier than even to release your music to the world through channels that major players use.

You no longer need to sell CDs in brick and mortar stores you can do all that online. So why are most of you failing?

1. Quality music

2. Lack of a team

3. Laziness

I’ll tell you why.

The majority of you have great songs but shitty quality music…let me explain. I get countless of songs emailed to me, a good number of them have great potential but sound horrible. Treat your music like a first impression to the world. Every song you make should be well structured, well recorded and well mixed. If you can’t do this yourself find someone that can! Which leads me to my next point.

Every artist needs a great team. Now I’m not talking about an entourage or your high school friends. I’m talking about a team that will help you creatively, financially and strategically.  Find individuals that enjoy your music that are willing to help you on this journey. Surround yourself with people that understand the business. Find individuals that have potential to open doors for you. Do you know someone that books shows? Do you have an engineer/producer? Do you know graphic designers? Do you have a videographer you can call right now? Do you have someone you trust with your finances? How about someone that understands the music business, that can register your music and upload it to all the various channels? These are the individuals you want to have in your corner. Independent does not mean you should do everything on your own. If you don’t go out and find them! Which leads me to my last point.

Laziness. Listen, this industry is hard. Takes a lot of downs before you see an up. You needs to grind and stay creative. Don’t let this stuff overwhelm you. Work hard, stay consistent, do things the right way and you will see progress.

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