Review of Apple Music & Beats1 Radio

Review of Apple Music & Beats1 Radio

It has been an hour since I updated to IOS 8.4 and started playing around with the new Apple Music and I must say I’m impressed. As soon as you open the app you get greeted with the typical terms we must all agree to but never read. They explain to you that the first-three months are free but then make you sign up for one of the two plans offered, either an individual plan (9.99) or a family plan (14.99). No problem, I choose the individual plan and kept it moving excited to see what Apple Music is all about. Inside is a clean layout in typical Apple fashion with well organized tabs and what seems like limitless
amount of options to choose from.

For You
The first tab of the new Apple Music app is called “For You”. A section designed to give you suggestions and recommendations on Artist and Playlist you might enjoy. After selecting my favorite genres and artists my “For You” section was quickly populated with playlists and albums I might enjoy. I have to say the list was not bad but this is one part of the app I feel should improve. According to Apple, suggestions will get better and more accurate as you use the app so only time will tell.

The “New” section of the app is truly the heart of the streaming service. This section is truly impressive. Apples daunting task of including a streaming service, radio station and music library in one is done tastefully and implemented perfectly. Filled with new music, top charts, curated playlist, music by genre, videos and much more. You will easily find yourself exploring through this tab and its countless sub-menus of music. I could not help but to start creating playlist and exploring curated playlist within minutes.

Radio & Beats1
Radio is probably my favorite tab so far for one reason…Beats 1. A 24/7 radio station hosted by three incredible DJ’s playing great music and doing live interviews, what is there not to love. Beats1 radio has no agenda, they don’t have to play constant “radio hits” they play what they want and what they feel. Most of my time on the new Apple Music app has been spent listening to Beats1 radio. One of my favorite things to do at the moment is discover new music and very easily throw it unto a playlist which I can then put offline and go. The radio tab also contains the regular iTunes radio you are familiar with but now with the ability to store songs you like and stream them whenever you want. Im really enjoying Beats1 radio right now and I’m sure millions of otApple-Music-all-screenshotsher people are enjoying it as well. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to learn more about the artist I’m discovering by being able to click their name or song title.

This tab will grow and get more interesting as this thing develops, that I am sure. Connect feels like Tumblr, Instagram, and maybe a little Twitter wrapped into one but designed for artists to engage with fans. I personally love the idea but only time will tell how it will grow. My guess is that Connect will become a great avenue for artists to drop exclusive content on and stay relevant with their fans. This is currently a huge topic of discussion between labels, artists and Apple since technically “content” created by artists are considered “assets” to labels and must be protected…but more on that on a different day.

There is obviously more to Apple Music than this but I’m sure there will be significant coverage about it within the new few days. My first impression of the service is a great one. I am enjoying the simplicity of the app, the music, and the overall feel of Apple Music. In true Apple form they have delivered a great new streaming service and have delivered it to billions of people around the world. My only hope is that this becomes a pivotal moment in the history of music. Apple changed the face of music with the iPod and iTunes lets hope they can do the same with Apple Music.

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